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Date Topic Speakers Materials
04-Sep-2017 Technologies for High Throughput Single Cell Gene Expression, Immune Repertoire Profiling and Long Range Sequence Information Using Short Read Sequencers Mr Joseph Aman Pdf file Chromium Single Cell 3' Solution
29-Mar-2017 Single cell isolation, droplet sequencing and target validation on gene and protein levels Mr Jack Zhu  Pdf file ddSEQ Workflow 
1-Nov-2016 Introduction to Droplet Mircofluidics: Principles and Benefits
Introduction and Discussion on Single Cell RNA-Seq
Mr Yann Lecouturier
Ms Nadia Shakir
 Pdf file scRNA-Seq and Single Cell Droplet Microfluidics Workshop 
13-Oct-2016 Increase Efficiency of Genome Editing Using the Alt-R™ CRISPR-Cas9 System Mr Jin Ngee   Pdf file CRISPR/Cas9 formats for highly efficient and high throughput cell engineering applications 
4-Oct-2016 Towards Detection of Diagnostic microRNA Biomarkers in Biofluids and the Functional Analysis of Long Non-coding RNA Targets Dr Michael Hansen   Pdf file Towards detection of diagnostic microRNA biomarkers in biofluids and the functional analysis of long non-coding RNA using LNA technology 
26-Sep-2016 Illumina’s ‘Screening Array Program’ Dr Carsten Rosenow  
28-Jun-2016 Validation of NGS and RNA-seq Data by qPCR Technologies Dr Sunny Wong   Pdf file Validation of NGS and RNA-seq Data by qPCR Technologies 
22-Jun-2016 Topic 1: Quantification and Validation of Mutations and Methylation by Automated Pyrosequencing® platform
Topic 2: Sample Quality Control for NGS applications
Ms Ena Chen
Mr Erwin Chen
16-Jun-2016 New Technologies for Sensitive, Low-Input and Single-Cell RNA-Seq Dr Nathalie Bolduc  
10-Jun-2016 Rapid and Highly Efficient Mammalian Cell Engineering via Cas9 Protein Transfection Dr Xiquan Liang  
30-May-2016 Topic 1: A Complete Workflow For Circulating DNA Isolation And Analysis
Topic 2: Combining Design Algorithms And LNA Modifications To Enhance siRNA Specificity Without Compromising Potency
Dr Xingwang Fang  Pdf file Complete workflow for cfDNA Isolation and analysis 

Pdf file RNAi S2S Scientific Presentation-siRNA and miRNA
26-May-2016 Digital RNA Sequencing for Accurate Gene Expression Profiling Dr Raed N Samara Pdf file Digital RNA sequencing for accurate gene expression profiling
20-May-2016 Uncovering Biomarkers Deep within the Complex Transcriptome and Considerations on the depth of sequencing required Mr Anthony (Tony) Schweitzer  
13-May-2016 Direct, Multiplexed, Digital Detection of Biomarkers (DNA, RNA, and Protein) Using Molecular Barcodes on the NanoString nCounter System Mr Paul Rasmussen  
6-Apr-2016 Sample to Insight: Liquid Biopsy – Rapid Isolation of Exosomes, Extracellular Vesicles & Vesicular RNA Dr Martin Schlumpberger   Pdf file Sample to Insight: Integrated Solutions for Liquid Biopsy 
15-Sep-2015 An Overview of IPA (Ingenuity Pathway Analysis) Mr Jackie Gene  
11-Sep-2015 NuGEN: Innovative Sample Prep Solutions for Next-Generation Sequencing Dr Oliver Vasilevski  
8-Sep-2015 Innovative Solutions for Mass Spectrometry: from Liquid Chromatography, Sample Preparation to Data Analysis Ms Yan Jin
Dr Zhihao Yu
Mr Xiaojun Ding
7-Sep-2015 New Developments in Target Enrichment from Roche NimbleGen Mr Edd Lee  
10-Aug-2015 Reveal the Complexity of the Human Genome with Long Read Sequencing Dr Meredith Ashby  Pdf file The Most Comprehensive View of the Human Genome - 1
 Pdf file The Most Comprehensive View of the Human Genome - 2
16-Jun-2015 True Bioprinting in 3D for the Present and the Future Mr Malcolm Geoffrey Willson  Pdf file True Bioprinting in 3D for the Present and the Future
21-May-2015 Transforming Proteomics Analysis with Orbitrap Mass Spectrometer Dr Wei Zhang  Pdf file Transforming Proteomics Analysis with Orbitrap Mass Spectrometer
20-May-2015 Genome Editing Solution: New Workflow Tools for Editing Genomes Dr Jian-Ping Yang  Pdf file Genome Editing Solutions
19-May-2015 Flexible Option for Targeted Re-sequencing Dr Mark A Behlke  
10-Mar-2015 MALDI Imaging – Looking beyond Classical Histology Dr Betty YEUNG  Pdf file MALDI Imaging – Looking beyond Classical Histology
5-Dec-2014 Single-cell RNA Sequencing Dr Andrew Alan Farmer  Pdf file Novel methods for RNA and DNA-Seq analysis using SMART®Technology
4-Nov-2014 Applications of PacBio Single Molecule, Real-Time (SMRT) DNA Sequencing Dr Stephen Turner  Pdf file Applications of PacBioSingle Molecule, Real-Time (SMRT) DNA Sequencing
17-Sep-2014 Advances in Single-Cell Genomics Dr Oliver Vasilevski Pdf file Igniting a Revolution Through Single-Cell Systems Biology
21-Aug-2014 Part 1: PrimeTime® 5’–Nuclease qPCR Assay: An introduction
Part 2: Target capture with xGen® oligonucleotide probes for NGS
Mr Jin Ngee  Web link Presentation
19-May-2014 Part 1: Whole Exome Sequencing in Cognitive Genetics
Part 2: Targeted Sequencing on NGS - High Complexity Probe Pools to Enable Enrichment Based Discovery, Translational, and Clinical Research
Dr Céline Helsmoortel
Dr John Tan
 Pdf file Discover More, Sequence Less
with SeqCap Products
3-Apr-2014 Insights into Cancer Research from Discovery to Validation Dr Song Yue Zheng
Dr Ken Kwok
Dr Amy Lam
 Pdf file Understanding the dynamics of gene expression within single cell population
Pdf file Exosomes in cancer research - from exosome isolation to biomarker discovery
Pdf file Next-Generation Sequencing in Cancer Genomics Research
7-Nov-2013 Advances in Single-Cell Genomics Dr Oliver Vasilevski  
10-Oct-2013 TALEN and CRISPR/Cas9 Systems as Advanced Toolbox for Precise Genome Editing and Gene Regulation Dr Jian-Ping Yang  
30-Jul-2013 Pico-Liter Droplet-based RainDrop Digital PCR Enables Multiplexed Genetic End Point Detection with Unprecedented Dynamic Range and Sensitivity Dr LIU Yafei  
25-Apr-2013 Mutation Detection Using Next-Gen Sequencing and Novel Bioinformatics Systems, Supported by a Knowledge Base Derived from the Icelandic Sequencing Project Dr Daniel C. Siu  
11-Apr-2013 DNAnexus: A Platform for Genomics on the Cloud Dr Serafim Batzoglou Pdf file About the speaker
17-Dec-2012 Gene Regulation & Epigenetics Concepts and Applications to Drive Discovery Dr. Dandan Zhong Pdf file Gene Regulation & Epigenetics Concepts
10-Dec-2012 Oligo for Custom Targeted NGS and Gene Silencing Dr Mark Behlke
Dr David Chan
Dr Elly Ngan
Pdf file Abstracts and Speakers Information
30-Nov-2012 Oragene & OMNIgene: Investigating the use of Saliva for Human and Microbial Nucleic Acid Collection and Stabilization Ms Elizabeth Firth  
29-Nov-2012 Part 1: Successful RNA Workflow – Ambion Sample Preparation & Analysis Tools
Part 2: Single Cell Expression Analysis
Dr. Richard Fekete  
29-Nov-2012 Advanced Technology For Single Cell Genetics Dr. Robert C. Jones Pdf file Analyzing Expression Profiles from Single Stem Cells Using the Single Cell-to-Ct.kit
Pdf file RNA Sample preparation and analysis tools from Ambion and Life Technologies
22-Nov-2012 Latest Development of Bio-Plex Suspension Array Technology for Human Th17 Cytokine & Cancer Research Mr. Wenming Liu
Dr. Aaron Ran Lin
Pdf file Bio-Plex and Th17 Pathway Cell Signaling Research
Pdf file Cancer Biomarker Research & Mechanism
19-Nov-2012 MIQE Challenges and Solutions: Reliable mRNA and miRNA Expression Profiling and Biomarker Development Prof. Michael W. Pfaffl Pdf file mRNA & miRNA Expression & Biomarker Development
7-Nov-2012 Illumina Workshop on iScan System - Cutting-edge Array Scanner Supporting Rapid, Sensitive, and Accurate Imaging of Illumina BeadChips for Industry-leading Genetic Analysis Results Mr. Boris Chan
Ms. Deryi Mu
Pdf file iScan workshop HKU
21-Sep-2012 Multiplex Digital Nucleic Acid Quantitation Using Molecular Barcodes Mr. Paul Rasmussen Pdf file Molecular Barcodes
13-Sep-2012 2012 Illumina Sequencing Symposium
Part1: MiSeq Benchtop Sequencing System Performance
Part2: From Exons to Exomes: the Latest DNA Solutions from Illumina
Part3: Introduction to Illumina MiSeq Reporter Software and BaseSpace-genomics cloud computing
Colin Baron
Eri Kibukawa
Pdf file From Exons to Exomes_2012 APAC Seminar
Pdf file MiSeq Update_2012 APAC Seminar
Pdf file MiSeqReporterBS_NA_20120910_ed
10-Aug-2012 Atlas Antibodies and the Human Protein Atlas Dr. Marianne Hansson Pdf file Atlas Antibodies AB and The Human Protein Atlas
17-Jul-2012 Advancing Cancer Research by Leveraging Molecular & Cellular Pathway Analysis Dr. Brian McNally Pdf file Advancing cancer research by leveraging molecular & cellular pathway analysis
6-Jun-2012 The Next Generation of miRNA Modulators: New mirVana™ miRNA mimics and Inhibitors Dr. Amy Lam Pdf file mirVana microRNA mimic and inhibitors
23-May-2012 High-Throughput Technologies for Human Genetics Dr. Carsten Rosenow Pdf file High-Throughput Technologies for Human Genetics
2-May-2012 Different PCR technologies, different applications, revolutionary 3rd Generation Digital PCR is coming! Dr. Mikki Koo Pdf file QX100 digital PCR Introduction
28-Mar-2012 Pyrosequencing to Quantitation: “Genetic Study in Cancer Research” Dr. Gerald Schock & Dr. Annie Chan Pdf file Pyrosequencing in genotyping & epigentic studies
Pdf file HK_Genetic Study in Cancer Research
12-Mar-2012 Semi-Conductor Sequencing Revolutionizing Biology Dr. Michael Rhodes Pdf file Ion Proton System
13-Dec-2011 qBiomarker Somatic Mutation and miScript miRNA PCR Arrays Mr. Andrew Wong Pdf file SoMut & miScript PCR Arrays
7-Dec-2011 Part 1: Genotyping with Locked Nucleic Acid (LNA) Fluorescent Probes
Part 2: Recent Advances in the Synthesis and Use of Long Oligonucleotides in Synthetic Biology
Dr. Scott Rose Pdf file Genotyping with Locked Nucleic Acid
Pdf file Recent Advances in the Synthesis
22-Nov-2011 Semiconductor Sequencing from Microbial to Human Genomes Dr. Michael Rhodes Pdf file Ion Torrent
29-Jul-2011 What is your Pathway? PCR Arrays – Pathway Focused Products for Research and Development Mr. Andrew Wong Pdf file QIAGEN PCR Arrays
27-Jul-2011 RNA interference (RNAi) and Dicer-substrate siRNAs (DsiRNA) Yong You Pdf file RNA interference and DsiRNAs
22-Jul-2011 Why Single Cells Matter Ms. Lin Min  
29-Jun-2011 Solutions to Eradicates Stem Cell Culture Obstacles & Barriers Using Divers Surface Coating Technology Ms. Hyunju Lee Pdf file Solutions toeradicate stem cellculture obstacles & barriers using diverse surface coating technology
28-Jun-2011 The Use of Bio-Plex in Th17 Translation Research Mr. Zhiyang Shen Pdf file Th17 Pathway Research By Bio-Plex
Pdf file Bead Coupling Technology and Applications
Pdf file Bio-Plex. What's new?
27-Jun-2011 ArcturusXT Laser Capture Microdissection System: Optimized Protocol for Laser dissection of living cells and Microgenomics Dr. Amy Lam Pdf file Laser Capture Microdissection of Living Cells and Microgenomics
16-Jun-2011 Tumor Microenvironment: Role in Tumor Growth & Metastasis and Investigative Tools Dr. George McBride  
30-May-2011 The Use of Next Generation Sequencing and Sequence Capture to Study Human Genome Variation and Cancer Dr. Bernd Timmermann  
16-May-2011 Next Generation PCR, Leading by Digital PCR, Cast PCR and OpenArrayR Kevin Munnelly Pdf file Digital PCR Cast PCR Seminar by Life Technologies
13-May-2011 Single Molecule, Real Time Sequencing Dr. Xiangxu Kong Pdf file PacBio RS Overview
13-May-2011 Biacore in Medical Research and Early Drug Discovery Robert Karlsson Pdf file Biacore in medical research and drug discovery Hong Kong Day 2
20-Apr-2011 New Trend of Technical Revolution in Separation and Purification of Biomolecules – Microfiltration, Ultrafiltration and Chromatography Mos Mo & Chen Jing Pdf file Chrom slides(MEP+Ceramic+HperCel)2
Pdf file HK Seminar-2011-4-HKU
30-Mar-2011 Quantitative PCR: SYBR Green vs. Hydrolysis Probes IDT PrimeTime Products SciTools for Oligo Design and more Yong You Pdf file 2011_03_qPCR_PrimeTime
9-Mar-2011 Quantitative Expression Analysis of Specific Gene Pathways Dr. Robert N. Rice Pdf file QIAGEN PCR Array Presentation
23-Feb-2011 Ion Torrent, the innovative semiconductor sequencing for life – A billion years of evolution meets a trillion dollars of investment Dr. Michael Rhodes Pdf file Ion Torrent Seminar Feb 2011
16-Feb-2011 The Open Array System: Opening the Door to New Applications in Real-time PCR Dr. Kris Ridley Pdf file HKU Genomics Institute - Website
14-Feb-2011 Multiplexing Cell-Based Assays: More Biologically Relevant Data Per Well Dr. Karthik Narasimhan Pdf file MultiplexTalk100610_Full- Revised
9-Dec-2010 QuantiGene & Procarta: Single and Multiplex Solutions for RNA, DNA and Protein Quantification Dr. Gary McMaster Pdf file Affymetrix_Panomics
18-Nov-2010 Third Generation Cytometry: The Attune? Acoustic Focusing Cytometer from Applied BiosystemsR Paired with the Newest Molecular ProbesR Flow Cytometry Reagents Dr. Michael W. Olszowy Pdf file Attune? Acoustic Focusing Cytometer
21-Oct-2010 Identification of Low Expressed Phosphorylated Protein
Screening Methology for Tagged Proteins and Antibodies with Low and High Through
Scale up and Scale Down Purification of Antibodies and Histidine Tagged Proteins
Dr. Johan Ohman
Mr. Gabriella Risberg
Mr. Jinyu Zou
Sample Prep the Easy Way
Protein Posphorylation And Sample Prep
High Throughput Screening For Tagged Proteins And Antibodies
Simple Protein Purification With Magnetic Beads
30-Sep-2010 Find Your Proteins Easier and Faster with 2-D DIGE Dr. Rita Marouga Pdf file Find your proteins easier and faster with 2-D DIGE
20-Sep-2010 Quantitation of Gene Expression and Protein Expression on a Single Analytical Platform Dr. Amy Lam Pdf file Quantitation of Gene Expression and Protein Expression on a Single Analytical Platform
16-Sep-2010 A Practical Approach to Assay Design for qPCR-Overcoming Difficult Assays, Designs and Optimizations while Conforming to the MIQE Guidelines Prof. Stephen Bustin  
15-Sep-2010 Part 1: Strategies for Protein Expression and Analysis
Part 2: Isolation of DNA, RNA and Proteins from Archived Tissue for Molecular Pathology Studies
Dr. Ute Boronowsky Pdf file Strategies for Protein Expression and Analysis
Pdf file Isolation of DNA, RNA, and proteins
13-Sep-2010 Enabling Discovery with DNA from Saliva using OrageneR‧DNA Lauren Scully Pdf file Oragene Seminar Abstract
Ppt fileOragene DNA Kit Validation
27-May-2010 Using Label-free Technologies to Improve Life Science Research and Protein Structure-function Studies Fredrik Sundberg Pdf file Label-free Protein Structure-Function Studies
20-May-2010 Analysis of Cytokine Profiles to Define Cell Lineages and Patterns Linked to Different Disease Using Different Immunological Assays Dr. John Wijdenes  
26-Apr-2010 Next Generation Sequencing in Cancer Application Dr. Michael Rhodes Pdf file Next Generation Sequencing in Cancer Application
12-Apr-2010 High Resolution Melting – a cost effective technology for the analysis of genetic variations
Pyrosequencing - New Standard in Epigenetic & Genetic Studies
Dr. Nan Fang
Dr. Robert N. Rice
Pdf file High Resolution Melting for the Analysis of Genetic Variations
Pdf file New Standard in Epigenetic and Genetic Study
5-Feb-2010 Applications of GeneChip Technologies in Medical Genomics Dr. Zuwei Qian  
18-Jan-2010 Gender, Genome and Biological clocks as 24h societal life vulnerability. A place into ethics and transfer of knowledge into future medical practice. Dr. Bendayan James  
4-Dec-2009 Genomic of Brain Diseases Prof. Guy Rouleau Web linkhttp://www.hku.hk/facmed/fbr2009
2-Dec-2009 High Resolution Melting (HRM) - A Best Practice Guide Dr. Michael Tavaria Pdf file High Resolution Melting (HRM) Analysis
27-Nov-2009 New Technologies in Plasmid Purification and Transfection Reagents Overcome Time and Efficiency Challenges Dr. Nina Gildehaus Pdf file QIAGEN seminar HKU
23-Nov-2009 Stem Cell Technology and Its Application to Biomedical Research Biao Lu MD, PhD Pdf file Stem Cell Research and Its Core Technology
2-Nov-2009 Studying the Functional Genomics of Cancer using Next-Generation DNA Sequencing Dr. Gary P. Schroth  
30-Oct-2009 Personalized Genetic Technology and Novel Multiplex Quantitative PCR Dr. Tiffany Jiang Pdf file GeXP Symposium HKU
16-Oct-2009 New Technologies for RNAi Screening & microRNA Analysis Dr. Joerg Denning Pdf file siRNA & miRNA screening
29-Sep-2009 QuantiGene – a FDA validated quantitative gene expression technology applicable on FFPE samples and for microarray data confirmation Dr. Hao ZHANG Pdf file QuantiGene
Pdf file QGP Trial Data
17-Sep-2009 Novel Approach to Overcome Difficulty of Cell Growth, Analysis and Tissue Engineering Ms. Hyunju Lee Pdf file Solution for Cell Culture (Part 1)
Pdf file Solution for Cell Culture (Part 2)
1-Sep-2009 Driving Biological Discoveries Using the Membrane Yeast Two-Hybrid (MYTH) Technology: lessons from the human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor (EGFR) Dr. Igor Stagljar  
16-29-Aug-2009 Bioinformatics & Comparative Genome Analysis Symposium, Course and Workshop Speakers from worldwide Web linkCourse Website
Pdf fileCourse Poster
29-Aug-2009 Bioinformatics Growth in the Region: 20 years of development Dr. Tin Wee Tan Web linkCourse Website
28-Aug-2009 Ongoing DNA transfer from the mitochondrial to the nuclear genome
Genome Rearrangement - Cancer Genomics
Genes, Polymorphisms and Human Genetics diseases
Human disease gene identification in post genomics
Dr. Miria Ricchetti
Dr. Guillaume Bourque
Dr. Sonia Abdelhak
Dr. Pak Sham
Web linkCourse Website
27-Aug-2009 From Fungal to human membrane transportosome
The future of Bioinformatics and Genomics
Yeast Evolution and Comparative Genomics
Reconstructing Ancestral Vertebrate Genomes by in silico Palegenomics
Dr. Andre Goffeau
Dr. John Quackenbush
Dr. Bernard Dujon
Dr. Hugues Roest Crollius
Web linkCourse Website
18-Aug-2009 Workshop for Advanced Technologies of Protein Purifications Mr. Neil Chang Pdf fileHigh throughput protein production & new product update
29-Jun-2009 Suspension Array System: The Technology & Application in Life Science and Clinical Laboratories Dr. Christian Zimmermann
Dr. Qian Gao
Pdf file Multiplex Protein Assays
Pdf file China Roadshow 2009
10-Jun-2009 How to boost performance in qPCR and HRM for genotyping and gene expression using the Rotor-Gene Q
QIAxcel: One Step Electrophoresis System for DNA fragment & RNA analysis
Dr. Marc Meienberger
Dr. Christoph Menzel
Dr. Ming Liu
Pdf fileAutomation Capability
Pdf fileRoter-Gene Q - Pure Detection
Pdf fileQIAxcel
5-Jun-2009 Imaging of Chemiluminescent Western Blots: Comparison of Digital Imaging and X-ray Film Mr. Anthony A. Alburo Pdf fileDigital Imaging of Chemiluminescent Signals
29-May-2009 EpiTect - Setting Standards in Epigenetics
Novel Technologies Offering a Complete Workflow for Reliable
Detection and Accurate Quantification of DNA Methylation
Dr. Gerald Schock Pdf fileEpiTect and Pyrosequencing
18-May-2009 Roche LightCyclerR qPCR Systems:
Innovative Solutions for Transcriptome, Variome and
Pathogen Research, Designed for All Throughputs
Dr. Michael Hoffmann Pdf fileLC480_HongKong
12-May-2009 Part 1: The Most Out of Your Real-time Experiments
Part 2: High Resolution Melt (HRM) – the Theory, Applications + Demo
Dr. Ray Meng Pdf fileReal-time qPCR Assay Design, Optimization and Validation
Pdf filePrecision Melt Analysis? Software
Pdf fileRelative Quantification: Data Management & Analysis Settings
20-Apr-2009 Label-free Analysis Trends of Biomolecular Interactions
and Stability for Drug and Biomarker Discovery
William Gelb
Vickie Ma
Pdf fileMicroCAL
1-Apr-2009 High-Definition Targeted Analysis of Human Disease with 2.1 Million Feature Microarrays
Recent Advances in 454 Sequencing – Latest Developments of the Technology and New Applications
Dr. Xinmin Zhang
Dr. Guido Kopal
Pdf fileHigh-Definition Targeted Research on Human Disease with 2.1 Million Probe Microarrays
Pdf fileThe Genome Sequencer FLX
26-Mar-2009 Next-generation Sequencing Platform SOLiD? Complete Genome Sequence of the Probiotic Bacterium Bifidobacterium animalis subsp. lactis V9 Prof. Songnian Hu
18-Mar-2009 Faster Methods for Cell Analysis
Multiplexing Solutions in Millipore
Dr. Yi Wang
Dr. Fang Zhang
Pdf fileInnovation on flow cytometry
Pdf fileIntroduction to xMAP Technology and Milliplex Assay Panels
18-Feb-2009 Noninvasive Diagnosis of Fetal Aneuploidy by Shotgun Sequencing DNA from Maternal Blood: Application of the Fluidigm? Digital PCR Platforms Christina Fan
19-Jan-2009 Large-scale network-based prediction of human disease genes Michael ZHANG  
12-Dec-2008 Human DNA Sequence Variation and Improved Clinical Outcomes Dr. David R Cox
Pdf file Keynote Lecture II
12-Dec-2008 Comparative Genomic and CHIP-SEQ Success in Predicting In Vivo Activity of Human Enhancers Dr. Eddy Rubin Pdf file Keynote Lecture XII
28-Nov-2008 ChIP and Optimization Techniques for Western Blots Terence TAY
Pdf fileAbcam_ChIP and WB
14-Nov-2008 Expanding the Range of Sequencing Applications Using the SOLiD System Robert NUTTER  
30-Oct-2008 Moving from in vitro to in vivo RNAi Christofer CUNNING
18-Sep-2008 Advancing Your microRNA Research Isolation, Detection, and Functional Analysis Nan FANG
29-Aug-2008 xCELLigence – Label-free, Real-time Cell Monitoring Technology

Application of Real-Time and Label-Free Cell Sensor Impedance Technology for Drug Discovery and Cell- Based Assays

Potential of the Real-Time and Label-Free Cell Sensor Impedance Technology to Transform Virus Research
Kok-Long ANG


Chung-yan CHEUNG
Pdf filexCELLigence_APAC_RoadShow_

Pdf fileRoche_APAC_RoadShow_

31-Jul-2008 Recombinant Protein Purification Neil CHANG
Pdf fileRecombinant_Protein_
16-Jul-2008 Power of Multiplexing: Bio-Plex Suspension Array Technology and Applications Gao QIAN Ppt fileBioplex_Presentation_2008.ppt
19-Jun-2008 Stem cell gene expression profiling and copy number variation (CNV) analysis using a novel, ultrasensitive and highly versatile microfluidic platform Robert C. JONES Pdf fileBioMark_presentation
12-Jun-2008 Total Solution for Quantitative Gene Expression Analysis & Protein Profiling - Recent Advances & New Applications Hao ZHANG Pdf fileLuminex.pdf
Pdf filePanomics_presentation.pdf
Pdf fileQuantiGene.pdf
Pdf fileViewRNA.pdf
10-Jun-2008 Total solutions for microRNA research Marie-Louise LUNN
16-May-2008 Next-Generation DNA Sequencing – Recent Advances & New Applications Patrick NG Pdf file454-Presentation.pdf
Pdf fileGS_FLX_Bibliography_April_18_

Pdf fileSeqCap_tech_note.pdf
Pdf fileXLR_HD_Flyer1_080318.pdf
25-Apr-2008 Advanced disease marker discovery using label free analysis of protein to protein to protein/drug interaction & HCA cell imaging Stephen LOFAS
14-Mar-2008 MassARRAYTM – Solutions for Genotyping, Structural Variations and Epigenomics Darryl IRWIN  
26-Feb-2008 Affymetrix DNA Technology for Cytogenetic and Pharmacogenetic Studies Yong ZENG
21-22-Feb-2008 GeneSpring v9 Workshop Henry WANG Zip fileDownload Workshop Materials
30-Nov-2007 Affymetrix Technology: SNP Array 6.0, Exon Array and Tiling Array Yong ZENG
23-Nov-2007 MALDI-TOF MS-based Clinical Research Solutions: CLINPROT BioFluid Profiling, MALDI Molecular Imager and MALDI BioTyper leading the way from basic research to clinical applications Wolfgang PUSCH  
5-Nov-2007 Deciphering the Genome with Chemistry and Molecular Engineering Jingyue JU
17-Oct-2007 MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry as a versatile tool for proteomics research Marcus MACHT  
28-Sep-2007 Critical Factors for Successful Real-time PCR Janina LEHMANN  
7-Sep-2007 Efficient and Specific Quantification of Mammalian MicroRNAs Using a Novel Real-Time PCR Approach Constanze KINDLER  
27-Aug-2007 Sample preparation and fractionation for 2-D gels: if you cannot solubilize, you cannot analyse Ben HERBERT  
24-Aug-2007 Update on the Human Variome Project Richard G. H. COTTON  
14-Aug-2007 Water Purifier Workshop Peggy SZE-TO  
6-Jul-2007 Quantitative Two-color Protein Detection Using the LI-COR Odyssey System Michael van WAES