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Data Collection and Software


Processing Time

After sample submission, results for full service protein ID will be delivered within 7 working days; results for mass determination or stand-alone protein ID will be delivered in 4 working days.

Data Delivery

Data will be delivered to user via e-mail. The type of files may be different depending on the service requested:

Data Type Descriptions Included in the following service
Full service Protein ID or stand-alone Protein ID Mass Determination
 MS Report in .PDF

List of identified proteins. Example

Yes No
 MS Report in .XLS

Mass spectra and peak list. Example

No* Yes
 Raw data in .T2D

AB Sciex TOF/TOF mass spectra profile data. It can be opened with vendor’s software 4000 Series Data Explorer or Mascot distiller (see below). Data Explorer is available at our workstation for booking free-of-charge on first-come, first-served basis.

Yes Yes
 Peak list in .MGF

Mascot compatible peak list with peak intensities. MGF file can be used for your own protein identification database search on Matrix Science’s website and it is also compatible with a variety of MS tools, such as MMass. Click here for descriptions.

Yes No
*included with additional charge

Workstation Booking for Data Analysis

.T2D raw data can be viewed using 4000 Series Data Explorer software. Please contact our proteomics staff for details.

Software Data Explorer (ver 4.6)
Application 4800 MALDI-TOF TOF MS spectrum analysis
User Manual Download Here
CPOS Proteomics (Tel: 2831-5467)
Enquiry on usage
(contact person)
Wystan Zeng
(Tel: 2831-5467)


Type Name Supported file formats Web link
Software 4000 Series Data Explorer .T2D Not available for download. Available to users for booking (refer to section above).
Software Mascot distiller .T2D and .MGF http://www.matrixscience.com/distiller.html
Software MMass .MGF http://www.mmass.org/download/
Website MS-Digest N/A http://prospector.ucsf.edu/prospector/mshome.htm
Website UniProt N/A http://www.uniprot.org/

Examples of MS Report

MS Report - List of identified proteins

MS Report - List of identified proteins

MS Report - Mass spectrum and peak list of BSA

Mass spectrum and peak list of BSA