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Terms of Service


Terms of Service

Positive controls are included in every run of MS service for monitoring the whole process of MS quality.
Both BSA (in 1D gel) and β-Gal solution will be acted as positive control for full MS service; While BSA solution will be acted as positive control for mass determination.

Spectrum of digested BSA:
Mass spectrum of digested BSA

Spectrum of β-Gal:
Mass spectrum of beta-Gal

Internal QC includes the continuous monitoring of operating procedures of the produced data. Data will be delivered to users only when all controls pass the internal QC. 

The purity and quantity of sample is the most important rule to get high score of MS results. We will not offer re-run at no charge if the failure is due to sample quality.

Invoice will be sent on the following month after completion of job.

Leftover Samples

After completion of the experiment, leftover samples/materials will be kept for 3 months.

Users can collect any materials during this period upon request, after which, they will be discarded without notification.

Please contact MS platform specialist for pick-up arrangement.