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Service Charges & Ordering


Service Charges

Effective 1-Sep-2020

Service HKU Academic Research Other Academic Research Commercial
 Tapestation Run Only

  * First Time User Must Receive Training Before Use
HK$ 80 HK$ 95 Please enquire
  (1 Session Per Training, Include Tapestation Run)

  Introduction to Instrument Operation

  Introduction to Data Analysis
HK$ 80 HK$ 95 Please enquire

For a complete list of assays available for the Agilent Tapestation 2200, kindly visit the Tapestation website for more details.

For assay kit purchase, kindly contact Dynamic Star (sole distributor for Agilent Tapestation Products in Hong Kong) for details.

* Raw data file will be delivered via ODDS and can be analyzed by downloading the Tapestation data analysis software at the link below:

Commercial clients welcome.  Please enquire.

For academic institutes or commercial clients outside of Hong Kong, an extra HK$500 (per payment transaction) handling fee is required if the payment is made by bank draft or telegraphic transfer.

*IMPORTANT:* To qualify for HKU pricing, the investigator must be a regular employee of HKU AND payment must be made from an internal HKU financial account that qualifies for internal transfer.  Overhead charge is required for all incoming external funding.

Service Ordering

Please email or call us for service booking.